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All work is conducted by qualified individuals in accordance with published methods and quality assurance procedures leading to consistent results and deliverables. We meet all the requirements for Air Emissions Testing Bodies (AETB) as required by 40CFR75 and described in ASTM D7036. Equipment used for testing is of the highest caliber and is maintained and calibrated regularly for continued peak operation.


Our clients are top priority. We make every effort to be responsive and accommodating to requests and concerns. Projects ranging from simple to highly complex are effectively managed by our experienced personnel and receive equal attention. Proper planning for all projects allows us to be efficient and minimize time spent completing tasks so we can pass along the savings to our clients.


Employees are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and receive regular training on topics including elevated work, hearing conservation, respiratory protection, hazard communication (HazCom), and job hazard analysis (JHA). Additionally, we are a registered carrier with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and meet all applicable requirements including bi-annual medical evaluations, pre-trip vehicle inspections, and hours of service (HOS) logbook record keeping.

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Full Service Emissions Monitoring Solutions
Extensive capabilities for compliance and engineering projects.

The following is a non-exhaustive selection of testing we can perform.

Manual Sampling

EPA Methods 5, 5b, 17, 201a, and 202 NJATM 1

Sulfuric Acid Mist
EPA Method 8
NCASI Method 8a

Dioxins and Furans
EPA Method 23

Hydrogen Chloride, Halides, and Halogens
EPA Methods 26 and 26a

EPA Methods 29, 30b and 101a
ASTM D6784 (Ontario Hydro)

EPA Conditional Test Method 027

Hexavalent Chromium
EPA SW-846 0061

Aldehydes, Ketones, and Polar Compounds
NCASI 105.1

Instrumental Sampling

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
EPA Method 3a

Sulfur Dioxide
EPA Method 6c

Nitrogen Oxides
EPA Method 7e

Carbon Monoxide
EPA Method 10

Total Hydrocarbons
EPA Method 25a

Sulfur Compounds by GC
EPA Methods 15, 16, and 16b

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC),
Methane and Ethane by GC

EPA Method 18

Organic and Inorganic Compounds,
Ammonia and Formaldehyde by FTIR

EPA Method 320
ASTM D6340

Hydrochloric Acid by FTIR
EPA Method 321

Sampling Programs

Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)
Part 60 and Part 75

Nitrogen Oxides Reasonably Achievable Control Technology (NOx RACT)

Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT)

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Audits

JJJJ and ZZZZ Engine Testing

KKKK Turbine Testing

Compliance Testing with Protocol Development

Testing support for combustion and pollution control tuning

Engineering Testing

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